1. To reach the high level of Qwan Ki Do technique by cultivating the notions of effort, perseverance, self-confidence, respect of the others, in the ancestral spirit of our martial art.

2. To forge the body and the mind, for ourselves and for the others, without nourishing our vanity and pride.

3. To practice the moral virtues that makes Qwan Ki Do: rightness/straightness of the soul, integrity, gratitude, simplicity, modesty and tolerance.

4. To develop Qwan Ki Do according to the noble age-old traditions given from Master to Master, never to betray that spirit by individual pettiness that plant the seeds of disparagement, scission or dissidence in the method.

5. To grow the notion of respect toward teachers, leaders and brotherhood between members.

6. To consider martial art fights and free fights as a way to improve and not as an end in itself.

7. To use the martial art for self-defense only.

8. To rigorously apply the rules established by the World Union of Qwan Ki Do.

9. To train assiduously, to respect the notions of hygiene and the Qwan Ki Do club’s admission conditions.

10. To respect all other martial arts.